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Welcome to Corinth School District

Wednesday- Class Theme Day
PRE-K - Crayon Day
Kindergarten - Cowboy Day
First grade - Tacky Dress/Crazy Hair Day;
Second grade -Favorite character (book/Disney/cartoon, etc.
Third grade - Flashback/Favorite Decade day
Fourth Grade - Retro - Decade Day
Thursday- Hat Day
Friday- Warrior Spirit/Red and Black Day
Monday: Character Day
Tuesday: Nerd Day
Wednesday: Young/Old Day
Thursday: House Color Day
Friday: Spirit Day!
Monday-Disney Day
Tuesday- Super Hero Day
Wednesday- American Day
Thursday- Class T-shirt day


 Please Take our Parents' Survey!


We would like to have your opinion about what we value in this school district and whether you think it is important and should be done.

Please complete a separate survey for your students who are in different schools.

Teachers and students will also take a survey to share their ideas.
Please encourage other parents to complete this survey for us. It will be available on the website until Monday, October 12.

This survey was developed using a model by Leadership for Learning: The Cambridge Network.

There are 20 questions. 

 A Haunted Coliseum is coming soon! The Corinth Area Arts Council will hold tryouts for ages 15 and up on Oct. 6 at 7p.m. at the Corinth Coliseum.

Students who participate will receive service hours.

The show dates are Oct. 22-24 and Oct. 29-31. Dress Rehearsal will be Oct. 19 and 20.

The purpose of the fundraiser is to preserve and restore this majestic theatre.

For additional information, contact Myra Byrnes, Barbara Trapp, an Arts Council member, or Kelly Treadway.


 If you would like to purchase an ALL sports pass, you can buy them at Corinth High School for $100 ($50 for students). This year, this includes Corinth Middle School sports as well. After you purchase, you will  come to the central office for your picture to be made for the pass and it will be printed at CSD Office.  These passes are for all regularly scheduled home games.  NO PLAYOFF GAMES INCLUDED. 


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