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Fourth grade gifted students at CES recently developed original invention ideas and had the opportunity to display their inventions for the school in the 3rd Annual Invention Convention. Leading up to their Invention Convention, these gifted students had been participating in lessons designed to develop their creativity.  Each student brainstormed many invention ideas before selecting his or her best idea.  Then, they made a prototype of their invention and entered it in the convention, which lasted from January 27-31.  The participants' parents and fellow students at CES were invited to tour the Invention Convention and then place their votes for their favorite invention.  After all of the votes were tallied, the top three winners were announced.

First place went to Jack Taylor for his original invention, the "Auto Aqua Helmet."  Jack's helmet, which was designed for football players who get thirsty on the field, had a neatly compacted water bottle hidden inside the padding. To get a quick drink, the player can just squeeze the bottle and the water will flow down a tube into the player's mouthpiece.  

George Davis won second place with his "Schuting Seed Feeder."  His invention involved a schute that connected the bird feeder to a window.  To feed the birds without going outside, a person can just pour the birdseed through the schute that will send it straight to the birdfeeder.  "It is helpful," George said, "because in the winter you can stay warm while feeding the birds!"

The third place winner was Cate Rivers Shipp with the "Sort-O-Tron."  Cate's invention consisted of a computerized robot arm that can sort a family's laundry using computer technology.  To use the Sort-O-Tron, a person can type in the name of the family member and the color of the corresponding clothing tag on the computer keyboard.  The robot arm would then sort the clothing according to color tags so that each family member's clothes end up in a separate basket.

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants in this year's Invention Convention!