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The fourth grade challenge students at Corinth Elementary recently participated in their fourth annual Invention Convention.  The students studied famous inventors and were asked to invent something useful themselves.  Their inventions were then displayed at the elementary so that teachers and students could vote for the best inventions.  All of the inventions received an honorable mention ribbon, and the three inventions with the most votes received first, second, and third place ribbons.  The third place ribbon went to Cole Shelly for the "Cool Clock Controller," which combines a clock with a video game controller so that people can keep track of how much time they have been playing video games and avoid playing too long.  The second place ribbon was awarded to Anna Greene for her "Pooper Catcher Master," a small container that is attached to an animal's backside to catch the waste that would otherwise be left behind in some unknowing person's path.  Finally, the first place ribbon went to Grace Villaflor for her "Sweetmatic Decorator," an invention that holds cupcake decorating supplies on a wheel, making it faster and easier to decorate cupcakes by simply rotating the wheel.  Congratulations to all of our young inventors for their unique accomplishments!

1st Place:  Grace Villaflor's "Sweetmatic Decorator"


2nd Place:  Anna Greene's "Pooper Catcher Master"


3rd Place:  Cole Shelly's "Cool Clock Controller"