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Brody Robbins: Reading at the Highest Level back button

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Brody Robbins returned from Jackson last week with statewide honors for his
Reading Fair Project, The Mysterious Tadpole. Brody, a kindergarten student at
Corinth Elementary began this journey in November at the CES District Reading
Fair. He competed with 1200 students representing 500 display boards. He finished
first place overall in the Kindergarten division. This advanced Brody to the regional
completion in Oxford, MS in February where he was the overall winner once again in
the Kindergarten division advancing him to the state competition. The April event
was held in Jackson, MS where students from all four Mississippi regions competed.
Brody placed 2 nd statewide.

Brody’s project focused on the ten story elements required for students to include in
their projects. Brody’s favorite element was the author’s tone. He shared with
judges how the friendship among the characters made him feel.
Reading Fair involves thousands of students statewide. Students have the option
like Brody to do individual projects or may choose to do group or class projects.

Reading fair projects are presented on a story-board and require individual
students to use their communication skills as they share with judges what they have
learned by reading their book. This is a worthwhile experience for students as they
develop an interest in reading at an early age, just like Brody did last year as a PreK
student. His mother gives credit for his interest in reading to his grandmother who
read to Brody from birth. Research is clear on the positive impact of reading from
an early ages.

Next on the agenda for our state winner is the opportunity to meet famous
Mississippi authors at the Mississippi Capitol on August 20, 2016. Winners will
display their boards and interact with authors. A great opportunity much deserved
by Brody for his hard work.