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Free Tutoring

Corinth School District offers free, unlimited tutoring services for 3rd-12th graders in English and Math through PAPER, a service provided by the Mississippi Department of Education.



“I really like Paper for the reason that it is there whenever a teacher is busy or unable to respond. I use it to help me with my paragraphs for English. It gives me incredible feedback through sticky notes giving me suggestions and ideas to improve my writing.”

Jaiden Hoyle, 9th Grade

These secure, online services are available 24x7, on-demand and with a live tutor through a chat function. Whether your student is stuck on homework, studying for a test, or needs someone to read and make suggestions to their essays, there will always be experts available online to assist students in over 200 subjects and more than 4 languages.

Paper tutors have been specifically trained to conduct expert, academic support in a secure, chat-based platform. With a commitment to helping students learn, they’ll never give students answers, but rather interact with them in an encouraging tone to lead them forward.

Also, students can upload any written work to PAPER’s Essay Review feature and get feedback on grammar, content and structure within 24 hours. 

The platform records all chat sessions and these are available for teachers to see to assist with helping their students.  Further, PAPER will notify the school district of any inappropriate or concerning behavior demonstrated by any student while using the platform. 

Students can access Paper through the student’s Clever login dashboard. 

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