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MS Scholars

Corinth High School students can participate in the Mississippi Scholars program in conjunction with any diploma pathway.

Mississippi Scholars must take college preparatory classes for 4 units in each subject, including 2 years of language and upper level classes through Algebra II and Chemistry.

Other requirements:

  • 80 hours of volunteer service during 4 years of high school
  • 19 ACT composite score (overall score)
  • 2.5 cumulative high school GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • 3 letters of recommendation (one from principal, guidance counselor and business/community leader for students with more than 4 in-school suspensions)
  • 95% school attendance during 4 years of high school
  • No out-of-school suspensions

Mississippi Scholar Tech Master

To receive this designation, students must fulfill Mississippi Scholar requirements with the addition of passing scores on certifications in CTE courses.

MS Scholars medal

For more information, contact:

Mr. Jon Riddell, CHS Counselor