CHS Class of 2020 Graduation Plans

Corinth High School
Graduation Ceremony Plans
A committee composed of student council officers, class officers, school administrators, and
parent representatives met on multiple occasions to consider Graduation Ceremony Plans for the
Corinth High School graduating class of 2020. These recommendations were presented to the
Corinth School District Board of Trustees for their consideration at its regular meeting on May
14, 2020.
The following Graduation Ceremony Plans were approved:
1. Each student will have an individual graduation ceremony the week of June 1. Students
will be honored and recognized in a private ceremony in the Corinth High School
Auditorium with a limited number of guests present. These individual ceremonies will be
videotaped and a virtual graduation ceremony created in the event a traditional ceremony
is not held.
2. If allowable according to the recommended guidelines of the Mississippi Department of
Health, a traditional graduation ceremony will be held at the Crossroads Arena or the
Corinth High School Football Field on June 20, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. This will be a ticketed
event with limited seating.
Specific procedures and plans for the pick-up of caps and gowns and sign-up procedures for the
individual graduation ceremonies will be released next week.
The Board is proud of the accomplishments of the Corinth High School graduating class and
understands this pandemic has resulted in the missing of the once-in-a-lifetime moments enjoyed
by high school seniors. It is hoped these plans will recognize our seniors’ accomplishments and
provide closure to the high school experience.