Usener to Attend Base Camp Coding Academy

Abby Usener, a senior at Corinth High School, signed with Base Camp Coding Academy (BCCA) last Friday. Base Camp Coding Academy is a non-profit school in Water Valley, Mississippi, that trains high school graduates to be software developers. In eleven months, students learn seven coding languages and frameworks, as well professional skills to help them succeed in the workplace.

β€œIt’s terrifying but extremely exciting,” said Abby of the experience. She will begin coursework in June. 

"Abby will be a member the Class of 2023, the seventh year of the BCCA program. After getting to know Abby through a series of interviews and technical challenges, we're excited for her to join the student body,” said Sean Ennis, director of BCCA.

Congrats, Abby, on this exciting achievement!