Child Nutrition

Important Information

Children need healthy meals to learn. Corinth School District will be offering healthy meals to all students at no cost every school day in School Year 2021-2022. Your child(ren) will receive free breakfast and lunch meals every school day regardless of your household’s income.


Families are still encouraged to submit a school meal application for free or reduced-price meal benefits because this information may be used for other programs, such as Pandemic-Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT), Federal and State funding for your school, reduced registration fees for academic tests, free or discounted fees for athletic programs, discounted rates for internet service, and many more!


5 Reasons Why Free-and-Reduced Meal Applications are Still Essential for Your District BEWARE the APP GAP! * Credit to PaySchools


1. Household income survey Free-and-reduced meal applications can also serve as a district household income survey, assisting your schools in qualifying for federal and state programs.


2.  Title I funding Districts and states tie free-and-reduced school meal application counts to Title I funding eligibility and allocation.


3.  Data continuity Data gaps create blind spots. Continuously gathering data reveals trends and accurately documents circumstances.


4.  Additional family benefits Families can use free-and-reduced meal status to qualify for additional programs, such as reduced school and activity fees in your district, housing benefits, and more.


5.  Family hesitancy Families allowed to skip free-and-reduced meal applications one year may balk when asked to complete them the next year.


So please, continue to complete your lunch for every school year!  It is important!


Negative Balances carried over from SY 19-20.  You are responsible for these charges.   If you have concerns, please contact the Food Service Director at 662-287-2425.
Free & Reduced Lunch Application
  1. Lunch Applications need to be filled out for ALL students EVERY school year.
  2. You may apply online by clicking the Titan Family Portal link here or on the right side of the screen.
    • Benefit of applying online:  Your application is processed quickly, usually within 24 hours.  If you enter an email address, your notification letter will be sent directly to you.  Online is a great way to be certain that nothing is lost in the mail or backpack.
  3. If you chose not to complete online, you may still return the traditional paper application with your child.  You may download these by chosing either the English or Spanish application at the right, fill out all required information (please remember to sign & date), and return to your child's school.  Your child will also receive a packet at meet the teacher, or on the 1st day of school.
  4. If you do not wish to apply, put your child(ren) name and across the paper application write “Do Not Wish to Apply.”
  5. Those students receiving benefits in School Year 20-21 must reapply. Your benefits expires September 3, 2021.
Cost for meals
  • Corinth School District follows the NSLP/SBP Offer vs. Serve policies.  You may access what a reimbursable meal consists of by click the attachment to the right.
Meal Cost
Breakfast $1.00
Breakfast Reduced $.30
Lunch $2.50
Lunch Reduced $.40
Milk $.40
Ice Cream (when offered) $.50
Bottled Water (CMS & CHS only) $.50
Meal Cost
Breakfast $2.00
  • Parents, faculty, and staff may deposit money in 2 ways
    1. You may chose to use our online payment system at Titan Family Portal.  You will only need your child's name & date of birth to begin.  This also allows you to track your students lunch room activity, and when funds need to be added.  Information and FAQ's on the NEW family portal can be found to the right.
    2. You may send money by the student. Please place in an envelope with the student’s full name and their homeroom. If you want the payment to go to multiple children please send a note with that information inside the envelope.
Menus are posted on the School District Website calendar.
Allergies/Special Dietary Needs
If your child has allergies or special dietary needs, please complete the Medical Statement for Special Dietary Needs located below and return it to the cafeteria.  The physician needs to fill the form out completely.
Any questions regarding any of the information above, please contact the Food Service Director at 662-287-2425
“This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”