Free & Reduced Lunch Application

  1. Lunch Applications need to be filled out for ALL students EVERY school year.
  2. You may apply online by clicking the Titan Family Portal link here or on link below.
    • Benefit of applying online:  Your application is processed quickly, usually within 24-48 hours.  If you enter an email address, your notification letter will be sent directly to you.  Online is a great way to be certain that nothing is lost in the mail or backpack.
  3. If you chose not to complete online, you may still return the traditional paper application with your child.  You may download these by choosing either the English or Spanish application below, fill out all required information (please remember to sign & date), and return to your child's school.  Your child will also receive a packet at meet the teacher, or on the 1st day of school.
  4. If you do not wish to apply, put your child(ren) name and across the paper application write “Do Not Wish to Apply.”
  5. Those students receiving benefits in School Year 20-21 must reapply. Your benefits expire September 3, 2021.
Instructional 2 minute video if you are having any issues completing your online lunch application.  This video walks you step by step through the each screen.  Click Lunch Application 2 min Instructional Video
Choose to apply online by clinking the link below.  By choosing to apply online you can have a response within 48 hours of your application being submitted.
Below is what the Titan page will look like.  Click on Apply For Meals Today to begin. Multiple languages available.
Titan Family Portal Home Page View
You may choose to submit a paper application.  If so, choose a paper lunch application below and submit at your child's school, or at the Central Office at 1204 N. Harper Rd. Corinth, MS 38834.  This method could take up to a week.
“This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”