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STEM Saturday

STEM Saturday
Laine Williams

On April 15, the Corinth School District held its fifth STEM Saturday event. Over 130 students registered to attend the spring-themed camp. This new series of Saturday camps helps students discover how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) connects to the world around us through fun, hands-on experiments and experiences.

Pre-K students learned about parts of a flower and how plants get nutrients while planting a flower. Students in kindergarten learned about the process of osmosis through a “walking rainbow” activity and demonstrated how cold and warm fronts form to create bad weather through creating a “tornado in a jar.” 

Both kindergarten and first grade students learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, examining an authentic chrysalis. First grade students also conducted a butterfly chromatography experiment, separating various pigments in markers to see how each color was created.

Students in second grade explored how rain forms by using a jar containing shaving cream to represent clouds, water to represent air, and colorful water to represent rain. Second graders also designed and assembled their own working kites, testing their designs outside and discussing what properties and materials were the most durable to withstand the wind. 

Third grade students learned about chemical reactions through making colorful, erupting volcano using lemons and baking soda. Students also discussed kinetic and potential energy through building and racing a balloon-powered car constructed from recycled materials.

A group of fourth through sixth grade students created flowers that lit up by creating a circuit. Students also learned about human body processes, including the processes of respiration and digestion. Another group of fourth through sixth grade students worked in STEM centers, excavating dinosaurs from eggs, dissecting a frog and salamander, and building their own bouncy balls. Misty Jordan, Corinth Elementary School teacher, participated as a first time STEM Saturday teacher, leading a group of fourth through sixth grade students. “STEM Saturday activities can be a great way to get kids interested in STEM fields and to help them discover their potential in the sciences in a fun, interactive way - and it's a blast for teachers, too! I wish I had joined STEM Saturdays sooner!” stated Jordan. “Learning is never dull when you're immersed in STEM!" 

All STEM Saturday students participated in a robotics center, using iPad apps to create pathways, navigating Dash and Dot robots around obstacles towards a set location. Kaitlin James, Corinth Middle School teacher, worked with pre-K-6th grade students within this center. “I love working the Robotics Class at Stem Saturday!” stated James. “Students were able to control their robots' movement, light color, and create sounds. We had so much fun racing the robots and creating music with the xylophone attachments.” 

All students also created their own spring themed item during a Makerspace activity, using recycled materials and craft supplies. Students in 3rd-6th grade designed and built their own boat. STEM Saturday participants were excited to use tools to create a frame for the boat and a working motor. 

The Corinth High School Culinary Arts created a “Peep House” activity for all students in grades pre-K through six. Using graham crackers and almond bark, students constructed a house for a marshmallow chicken (Peep) to live. The high school students were on hand to assist STEM Saturday participants with assembling and decorating the houses. 

Join us for our next STEM Saturday on June 24 with a theme of “The Great Outdoors.” Activities will include hands-on STEM activities to encourage students to love the great outdoors and learn about environmental conservation, skills needed to survive outdoors, climate change and more. 

The camps are open only to Corinth School District students in grades preK-6. Parents must pre-register their child on the Corinth School District website (