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Butler Signs with ICC for Baseball

Butler Signs with ICC for Baseball
Laine Williams

By Melissa Meador for Daily Corinthian 

Corinth senior Madden Butler committed to Itawamba Community College (ICC) during his junior year. He served time on the mound and played both third and first base.

He hit .329 on the season with a .570 slugging percentage with 26 hits, 10 doubles, three home runs and 25 RBIs. 

“I have had ICC as my dream school for a while now,” Butler said. “I had a couple of buddies go and what they say about it, it’s just swayed me to want to go there, what all they said about the school and Coach (Rick) Collier.”

Butler said ICC has discussed the potential of playing third or first either one. “My main goal next year is to just hit the ball a lot further and throw a lot harder,” he said. “And win a lot of games.”

On the mound, Butler finished with a 1.90 ERA with 28 strikeouts, earning him first-team all Division 1-4A.

“Since the day I got here, Madden has been one of our leaders,” Corinth coach Kevin Williams said. “Before I got here, he had a really good freshman year with Coach (Rob) Scarbrough, and I think he emerged late in the season as a guy they weren’t expecting and playing a really important role with the team. By the time I got here, he had already been in the fire a little bit. The thing about him is he always rises to the occasion for us in big games, and nothing ever gets too big for him. He’s a guy you can count on to be a good steady hand, and if there’s a guy we need on the mound or at the plate in a tough situation, it’s him. The great thing about him is he’s a great kid who comes to work every day at practice and pushes the guys around him, encourages them, and he’s the kind of guy you want leading your team. I think ICC recognized that early and have been after him really hard, and they are getting a good one.”