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Three Corinth High School Athletes Sign to Play College Sports

Three Corinth High School Athletes Sign to Play College Sports
Laine Williams

Three Corinth High School seniors signed their letters of intent to play sports at the collegiate level: Jack Gibson (track) at Millsaps College, John Parker (tennis) at Northeast Mississippi Community College and Blessin Kirksey (cheerleading) at Northeast Mississippi Community College. 

Jack Gibson
Jack is excited to be able to continue pole vaulting. “It is a surreal feeling to know that I’ve been given the opportunity to continue my sport at the next level,” said Jack. 

With his new team, he is ready to get to work. “I’m very excited to be able to compete with elite athletes from around the country,” said Jack. “I’ve been fortunate to meet several of my new teammates.”

His coaches are looking forward to seeing what he does at the next level. “When I got here in 9th grade with Jack, I saw already a pole vaulter,” said Luke Hatcher, head track coach. “He exploded on the scene as he got better. It was fun just getting to be a part of it. I am very proud of him and look forward to see what he does at the next level.” 

The admiration goes both ways between his coaches and Jack. “Coach Hatcher, along with Coach Summers and Coach Harris, have been very supportive of me,” said Jack. “They have all known that my dream was to be able to continue vaulting in college and have been great sources of advice and encouragement.”

John Parker
The next step in his tennis career is something John is looking forward to. “It’s quite exciting, but a little weird at the same time. It’s a new step into the sport and I’m not sure what to expect,” said John. 

Head tennis coach Taylor Moak has enjoyed coaching John over the last two years. “I’m honored that John is my first signee as a coach to carry on his tennis career,” said Moak. 
We’ve had a fun two seasons. John is an outstanding leader on our team. We are so excited and want to celebrate him today.” 

John believes his coaches have played an important role in his tennis career. “My coaches have sat down with me and helped me weigh my options,” said John. “They informed me on what preparations I should be making before I start playing with my new team. I’m looking forward to the high level of competition I will be competing against.”

Blessin Kirksey
Blessin is grateful for the opportunity to continue playing a sport she loves at the college level. “It feels amazing to be signed to play the sport I have loved for years, on a much higher level,” said Blessin. “I am so blessed that all of my hard work over the past 6 years has gotten me here!”

Joining a new team is an exciting step for Blessin. “I am looking forward to the bonds I will make and to see where this sport leads me in the long run,” said Blessin.

Her coaches are also excited for her. “Blessin has cheered for us for six years and she is going to continue her cheerleading career at Northeast,” said Lesley Bain, head cheerleading coach. “We wish you the best of luck and are so proud of you.” 

Blessin strongly believes that her coaches have been a valuable part of her growth. “My coach, Mrs. Bain, has been like a mother to me,” said Blessin. “She has prepared me in more ways than just teaching how to play this sport. She has taught me how to carry myself while being a part of a team. She’s taught me how much hard work and dedication can pay off, and she’s taught me how to be a better person overall. I truly owe all this to her.”

The future is bright for these athletes and Corinth High School wishes them the best as they continue their athletic journeys at the collegiate level.