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Corinth Receives $1 Million Grant for Electric Buses

Corinth Receives $1 Million Grant for Electric Buses
Laine Williams

The Corinth School District received $995,452 from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality through the state’s Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program (MDEQ). The district was awarded funding to replace older school buses with four electric buses and four charging stations.

The school district is excited to receive this funding. “While electric buses will provide a cleaner and healthier environment, we believe these buses can help save on transportation operating costs,” said Dr. Lee Childress, superintendent of the Corinth School District. “Electric vehicles generally require less maintenance and don’t require diesel fuel. We will continue to explore opportunities to expand our use of electric buses.”

“The goal of the mitigation projects is the reduction of diesel emissions, specifically nitrogen oxide pollutants, which have been linked to increased ozone levels and air contaminants,” said Chris Wells, MDEQ Executive Director. “This money was intended to have local impact, and we are glad to have a part in getting these funds into our communities in hopes of creating a healthier Mississippi.”

The MDEQ awarded over $7 million to 22 government and non-government entities including 12 school districts.

The Corinth School District will receive awards in the form of a rebate that may cover up to 70% of project costs. Most of the project funding will support the replacement of older, diesel-powered vehicles and equipment with new, lower-emitting diesel, clean fuels or electric vehicles and equipment. The remainder of the funding will support the installation of publicly accessible electric charging stations for light-duty electric vehicles.

The district has until September 2025 to complete the projects.