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Holiday STEM Saturday

Holiday STEM Saturday
Laine Williams

On December 9, the Corinth School District hosted a holiday themed STEM Saturday. Over 130 students registered to attend this Saturday camp that helps students discover how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) connects to the world around us through fun, hands-on experiments and experiences.

Students in Pre-K designed snow globes and stockings, practicing gross and fine motor skills, while discussing colors, shapes, and following directions. Kindergarten students created magic bending candy canes and competed to see who could create a Christmas tree through stacking cups. Through these activities, students explored concepts of chemical reactions, physical properties of matter, and design engineering principles. 

First grade students built a sleigh, flying reindeer, and chimney using recycled and craft materials.  Husband and wife teaching duo, Craig and Abby Strickland, led the first grade team. “I usually work at the high school, but I really enjoy the chance I get to work with my wife and the elementary kids,” said Craig Strickland. “They are so excited about learning and I love to see them enjoy their time at STEM Saturday. My favorite part of the December STEM Saturday was our kids building a flying reindeer and Santa’s sled. They were so creative with their ideas. We had so many awesome ideas and the kids worked so hard. It was a great day.”

Students in second grade designed their own keepsake ornament through melting and shrinking plastic cups. Students also participated in a reindeer race, sliding a recycled craft reindeer along a cable, using balloons as “fuel.”

Students in third grade designed and constructed 3D trees and participated in the “Tallest Snowman” challenge. Fourth grade students created a Christmas wreath and a Christmas tree that lit up using a working circuit composed of graphite, a battery, and a LED light. Fifth and sixth grade invented their own toys for “Santa’s workshop” using the Makerspace cart. Students also explored chemical reactions through making “Bubble Christmas lights.”  

All STEM Saturday students participated in a Robotics and Engineering center. Students were able to use the new Sphero BOLT robots, learning programming through embedded color-changing LED lights and sound sensors. 

All STEM Saturday students also participated in holiday-themed Makerspace activities. Students in grades Pre-K through second grade worked to silence a jingle bell, exploring which materials dampened sound the most. Students in third through sixth grade created “reindeer necklaces,” that had to meet three criteria: user functionality, durability, and style. Students were able to select supporting materials to meet these criteria. 

Join us for our next STEM Saturday, “Once upon a Time- Fairytales and Superheroes” to be held on January 20. Register today at

The camps are open only to Corinth School District students in grades preK-6. Parents must pre-register their child on the Corinth School District website (