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Varsity Girls Soccer

Front Row, L to R: Ava Cooper, Eva Miguel, Meiying Estrada, Erica Domingo-Pascual, Ashton Marlar, Gabriella Gee, Odilia Pascual, Veda Savell; Middle Row: America Aguilar, Jaya Hoey, Maya Gomez, Hadley Butler, Lucy Smith, Emma Hall, Adelyn Mathis (manager), Catherine Grisham, Madeline Brooks, Kate Walker Williams, Marleigh Brooks; Back Row: Coach Brent Johnson, Andi Kate Holley, Lilly Smith, Lauren Beech, Lidde Moss, Maggie Parchman, Haley Guare, Greeneley Moss, Olivia Johnson, Zela Dalton, Madison Gates, Graci Laird, Coach Cameron Glenn




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